Kids Program

Your Healthy, Beautiful Smile is Our Priority

It is very important that children learn the value of caring for their teeth and gums properly at a young age. As adults and parents, we instill in our children the education necessary for maintaining good habits for life. At Pathways Dental Care, we believe your children can be educated about dentistry while still very young. We also believe that keeping this knowledge beyond two cleanings a year is vital to developing proper oral hygiene as a daily routine.

Children’s Self Care Program

Our Children’s Self Care Program is a way for your children to understand the importance of going to the dentist. We work closely with you and your children to develop a relationship. This is done so your children are comfortable with what is going on while they are in the dentist’s chair.

We help your children understand the connection their mouths have with their overall health, and we spend time helping them learn about routine hygiene practices. This prepares your children for their dental visit, as well as generally helps them become comfortable with future trips to Pathways Dental Care.

Children’s Dental Appointments

Self Care – This one hour session is for children between the ages of two and seven to become comfortable with the idea of dental health here in the office and at home. By using puppet models, cameras and disclosing tablets, children are able to see some of the different aspects that go into dental care. This also encourages children to participate in home care and make healthy choices.

Preparation – Children are encouraged to play dentist by using the puppets, allowing them to become comfortable when it is their turn. Our Self Care Team lets your children become familiar with all the dental tools used during their filling appointment. Children are encouraged to ask questions during this appointment. This session addresses children’s psychological needs by developing coping strategies and a plan of action for their dental care.

Treatments – Your children’s’ dental needs are customized based on their age, coping strategies, and psychological needs. We encourage parents to participate during these half hour sessions.

Sedation – For those children with an extensive amount  of treatment required or severe dental anxiety we offer sedation options.

General dentistry, which children’s dentistry is part of, is preventative in nature. At Pathways Dental Care, we believe treating children as young as 18 months old instills a level of comfort and awareness of oral health that will last a lifetime. While we treat very young children, we continue to see them through the years, and can address any orthodontic procedures that may be needed later on.




Our New Children’s Room!

We are thrilled to announce to all our Pathways Families with young children that we have just finished creating a new look for our Children`s room! This will make our children’s program that much more exciting and intriguing for their next visit to see Miss Michelle.

Now you can bring them in and let them explore our new Underwater World we have created.

At Pathways, our philosophy is “Teach Them…Involve Them… Care For Them…”
We feel that a visit to the Dentist should be a wonderful experience for all children, one where they cannot wait to come back to see us so we can help them keep that lovely smile.

Call or email us now and let us take care of your child, (905) 304-4505.